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even though I didn't read much of the article

June 29 2010 at 11:20 AM

yvonne  (Login Harpazo)

Response to An Agnostic Manifesto

I can claim a YEA and AMEN for agnosticism; I was an agnostic all my life, even after I became a believer:

believing something never satisfied me: I was given an INNER MANDATE to "KNOW" the truth because I needed to be free

this SEARCH FOR TRUTH, rather than just accepting things on mere belief, finally brought me to the END of my search:

he who seeks shall find

he who asks, it shall be answered

and to him who knock, it shall be opened:

I believed In Jesus because it was given to me to do so, I see that now: The power above does author our faith

but to finish our faith, we have to move from faith to faith

and from glory to glory

the faith we are moved into is the "FAITH OF THE SON OF GOD"

a little faith is sufficient for it to become finished faith in us

since God directs it

we died to "know" in Adam

we died to receive this knowledge of GOOD over evil

God warned us about this death but we choose it in ADAM

so, now to find LIFE we have to go on our journey and FIND IT

seek for it

knock for it

but it will be found

when we get to the point of wanting it more than we want knowledge "about" God

we will once again find God

knowledge about God is not the goal of God

he wanted us to KNOW HIM, which is UNION WITH HIM

not just about him

which doesn't help us at all except to increase our knowledge base

knowledge about something doesn't make it so

I can know about the dynamics of flight, light, how to build a pyramid, how to cook a cake

but knowing just doesn't cut it if I can't DO IT

it only frustrates me more than if I didn't know

so knowledge is important in the sense that we realize we NEED SOMETHING MORE

we need to be filled with more than knowledge ABOUT God
we need the KNOWLEDGE "OF" God,

and what does this knowledge that Jesus Christ in us has given us that the knowledge of good and evil doesn't give us


and REFUSE the evil


this is so important that our whole future hangs on it as a species

so agnosticsm won't stop till IT UNDERSTANDS God through "KNOWING HIM"

not just knowing about God second hand information

and this is a GOOD THING

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