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in a nut shell, and yes, Im the nut

July 2 2010 at 11:09 AM

yvonne  (Login Harpazo)

Response to Can Religion Be Explained Without God?

religion is based on the written accounts of those who have experienced God and from that experience comes a higher "mind" that reorganizes the structure of reality in such a way that the discernment of the workings of nature, bring us clarity on HOW the FORCE that created it works in us:

this enables us to create accordingly

now, on a purely philosophical level, religion is most screwed up because here man has to know himself from his "ideas" of God, and if he doesn't know himself separately, how can he tell where he begins and God ends or vice versa?

so then the question becomes "HOW can man truly know himself"?

he has to OBSERVE HIMSELF with honesty in every detail of his existence

whose got the time?

a person who is visited or remembered by God, the force that will straiten out misconceptions of reality:

how does God visit without destroying who we are?

he doesn't, which is why men wrote about it so much:

when God comes, we go to a large extent

but that which is LEFT OVER, can truly be restructured in the mind to match what one has OBSERVED from this visitation

how does one know it is God who visits?

here we come full circle, but from experience I would say, after God visits, are you CLEARER or more confused about reality?

do you have more questions or answers that you never considered before and do these answers actually bring you INNER PEACE

if the answers fulfill you and help you get along better in the world, who cares what you call it? I keep referring to the proverbial rose by any other name....

we are looking to be fulfilled and that which fulfills us permanantly must be the force that created us, no?

I just want to add, God is making HIMSELF MAN

my brother Lox has been saying this from the beginning and I actually "heard" him when he said it and use it a lot:)

man isn't becoming God at all, but God is working out reality within the soul of mankind to make MAN in his image and likeness

in the Bible this man is called JESUS

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