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The Art of Disagreeing

July 9 2010 at 8:21 AM

JVH say  (Login JVH)


The Power of Refutation

The most convincing form of disagreement is refutation. It's also the rarest, because it's the most work. To refute someone you probably have to quote them. You have to find a "smoking gun"; a passage -in whatever you disagree with- you feel is mistaken, point it out and explain why it is mistaken. 

The most powerful form of disagreement is to refute someone's central point. Truly refuting the central point means one has to identify it first, then commit explicitly to it. The force of a refutation therefore, depends on what you refute and how you do it. A truly effective refutation would look something  like this:

"The (poster's) main point seems to be X, as it says:

- quotation -

This is wrong for the following reasons .....................

These reasons show the (poster's) main point wrong because .....................

Therefore ....................."

If you can't find a "smoking gun"; the central point to disagree with, and argue anyway, you may be arguing with a "straw man" (and in effect with and against yourself) .  happy.gif





If reasoning and logic is applied properly, the truth appears: obvious and simple.


People : intrinsically intelligent.

When people turn together, they could become a herd.
When people turn a herd, they could become sheeple.
When people turn sheeple, they could become dumb animals.
When people turn dumb animals, they become treated as such.

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New!! Improved!! Now With T-Formula!!
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The human brain can only comprehend 3 categories to put information in

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