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you COULD NOT BE more wrong!

July 12 2010 at 5:30 AM

  (Login Beckett777)

Response to We all know that Catholics arent Christians


Even the lukewarm Christians of today are more "Christian" than you are.

Being a Christian IN THE TRUE ESSENCE is following after Him. When He said pick up
your cross and follow Him, that is what He meant. He didn't mean have a cross
tattooed on your body and then go out and act the way you want, or wear a
Crucifix around your neck and join the IRA, or the Italian/Sicilian
mafia, or some flippin' drug gang!

You are not a Christian, as Christians go. As a true follower of the Lord Jesus, i can
give my opinion on your "walk". Even the Mohammed-following muslims adhere to some of
Christ's teachings and believe Him to be right on certain things, but they are not
Christians. As a TRUE Christian, when I mess up and a fellow Christian or a NC
rebukes me for it, i humbly thank him/her for pointing it out and i work on
correcting it. We Christians should lead by example. The ACCUSER is always
lurking about, ready to pounce at a moment's notice. In a way, that is good
because it keeps us on our toes. lol

Love ya, Arthur! In Jesus, forever!

john happy.gif




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