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yes I agree to a large extent

July 21 2010 at 11:25 AM

yvonne  (Login Harpazo)

Response to Methinks you decipher that Scripture incorrectly, Sis

the faith that is authored in us leads us to greater and greater understanding of the WORD which is why it is written "he who has, more will be given":

we go from faith to faith and glory to glory

but the faith of the Son of God in us is a higher faith than the authored faith:

how do we get the finished faith?

we have to die with Christ to be raised with him; this is the finishing of our faith and this is why it is written, "this is the VICTORY THAT OVERCOMES THE WORLD, even our faith":

so, the deeper things that are revealed in us come because we are ready to have them revealed:

Having Christ revealed in me led to the revelation of antichrist, hence the resurrection of the JUST (CHRIST) and the unjust (antichrist) both happened to me:

this is why it is written, that the antichrist comes out from us to show that he is not of us:

this happens to those in the last generation:

antichrist rules in the 'inner court' of the temple till he is revealed and then, he is destroyed by the brightness of CHRISTS COMING and the truth of his appearing:

if Christians don't want to RETURN to the root of their soul they will be forced to and it gets ugly if one has to be forced:

I know from experience because as much as I wanted to repent, I had no idea where it would lead me or I probably wouldn't have done it:

yet afterwards, I was so glad I no longer had to endure that fiery trial ever again.....

it is written JUDAH KEEP YOUR SOLEMN feast and the wicked one shall no more pass through you

the solemn feast of YOM KIPPUR (Jesus said Jonah was the only sign given to that last generation) is kept by the Jews and they celebrate that day every year around OCT: AT this time they read Jonah:

I experienced my atonement OCT 14 1992:

I had no idea it was coming, none whatsoever:

it is the JEW in us that experiences this HEART CIRCUMCISION which is why it is written that not everyone who says they are a Jew are a Jew:

without this piercing of the heart, and having experienced where the 'seat of Satan' is within, one is not a Jew:

now, while it is true that judgement comes first to the Jew, it also comes to the gentile later

if I am a spiritual Jew and my judgment came in 1992 almost 18 years ago

could it be almost time for the judgment of the gentiles?

I have to bring this good news so I can encourage them to be as Paul admonished them when he told them what to do

without bringing any further burdens upon them:

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