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Just a little snippet out of the paper this morning... shows how places differ

July 24 2010 at 7:05 PM
Arthur Dent  (Login ArtieDent)

I dont assume that forums readers know or care what is going on in Australia, but it does highlight that what happens in the US isnt necessarily happening anywhere else in the world.

We are about a month out of a federal election where we vote in a new federal government (house of representatives, congress) Many new senators will be elected. The incumbent non conservative government will probably get re-elected after having a sudden drop in popularity earlier this year and replacing the RC Prime Minister Kevin Rudd with the Atheist Julia Gillard (The government can, but doesnt normally do this).

The Liberal Party are our conservatives, currently out of power at a federal level.

A Liberal candidate in western Sydney has reportedly posted anti-Islamic entries on Facebook and written to church leaders asking for their support against his Muslim Labor opponent.

David Barker, candidate for the seat of Chifley, has been forced to shut down his Facebook account by Liberal Party officials, the Sunday Telegraph reports.

The paper says the candidate, who calls himself a "man of strong Christian faith", has accused Labor of moving the nation closer to being a Muslim country.

"I am going to win this seat. I will claim it as mine and when I get in I will give my votes all of them to God who is on the side of the Liberal Right," Mr Barker reportedly wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, in a letter to Christian leaders in his electorate, Mr Barker asked for their support, pointing out Julia Gillard is an "atheist" and his opponent in Chifley, Ed Husic, a "strong Moslem", the paper reports.

Mr Barker's extreme views will put pressure on the Liberals to reconsider his endorsement as the party candidate, the paper says.

From a point of a strong conservative right wing christian, Mr Barker has only said the truth, a strong believer saying what he believes by biblical methods to be obviously right.
Julia Gillard would have no reason to help him of course, for many reasons. In the meantime his party has the dilemma (delimma for Nucc and Jack) of replacing an unelectable candidate only 4 weeks out from the election. This guys comments might actually be acceptable in the US? Should they tone him down (probably not possible) and leave him or replace him with some one a little more acceptable?

I just thought it was ominously weird that these sort of people are starting to pop up in australia. They certainly arent mainstream, but we are getting culturally invaded by the lunatic right and their influence is rising. So from now on the danger rises that people wont flow backwards and forwards between the main two parties based upon policies, but there will be more people at the extremes who will never budge because the other side is totally acceptable. More people permanently disenfranchised. Will lead to the way it is in the US now.

Just an observation. It will be interesting to see how Australia responds to Barkers comments. It could be ugly.

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