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All of this drama, and yet

July 25 2010 at 7:17 PM

JVH say  (Login JVH)

Response to Jesus Existed, Stupid!


Isn't life wonderful Brain? Just think
we started out as lab mice forced to
spend the whole day working our way
through frustrating mazes that went
absolutely nowhere. Now we get to do
what humans do!

... no independent, contemporary; i.e. during-the-events, corroborating, verifiable accounts in direct reference to a supernatural Jesus the Christ as portrayed in the NT seem to exist.

As for the NT gospels, except for the introduction to "Luke" -in which it is stated what follows is hearsay- the gospels are not signed and written in the third person perspective (as by an omniscient narrator). The authors never situate themselves within the unfolding narrative nor give any hint they themselves were involved in the events described. Several narratives even involve Jesus by himself, i.e., without any witnesses present. ~8^/

The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. -- the bible

Going In Circles

The excruciating irony of incomprehensibility
& self-refutation; those oblivious of it become
indispensably the experts in applying it, effectually
revealing the exact opposite of apparent intent
thereby granting the courtesy of instant clarification.

Mice In A Maze

After all, inference demands explicit entails implicit
Therefore, iff what is explicitly posed is true, then
what it necessarily infers or implies must logically
be true as well. If not, then it is incontrovertibly
axiomatic that there is something amiss .....
with the explicitly posed.

I like hu-mans. Really
They do funnee stuffs

They seem to live with the
impression that they is some
sorts of omniscient - you can
thus always depend on them
to tell you exactly what your
thoughts and feelings is.


It is as it is - It goes as it goes
If it doesn't go, that's how it goes
If it isn't, then that's how it is

There is forgiveness. Unfortunately, forgiveness doesn't mean a thing
..... when not applied that is. Therefore, it is I who forgive, publically
those who either dare or will not - for, as it seems, they are not ready
yet, to do so by themselves; out of themselves. I hereby thus, plow
the road; leading the way, for those eager to walk that walk as well.
JVH, July 20, 2010, 2:22

New!! Improved!! Now With T-Formula!!

[linked image]

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