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Here's an example

August 3 2010 at 6:12 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)

Response to All of which would happen...

(kind of) of what I was talking about.

Most of Jim Reeves recordings were done in mono. In later recordings, he sang on a center track, with the instrumentation on left and right channels ... but they weren't acoustically isolated from each other. In other words, EVERYONE was in the same studio doing the songs but the mikes went to separate channels on the tape recorder. "3 track" recorders they were. I'm not sure if the intention of JR 3 track recordings was to turn them into stereo later ... or if it was just to make the mixdown balancing easier but they were initially released as mono LP's

Well, this made it "somewhat" possible to eliminate his recording band on redubs, and put in professional orchestration later but ... some of his band music still came through from his personal mike picking them up inside of the studio.

Patsy Cline, apparently, was recorded with more isolation and so her recordings were much easier to enhance later, after she was dead and gone. Her recordings were on three track as well.

So after Jim Reeves was gone, they turned a lot of his mono music into stereo by "killing" the side tracks as best they could and dubbing in their own professional orchestration.

On the religious album, We Thank Thee they did a pretty nice job of it but in his other religious album, God be With You ... some techie screwed up in his understanding of phasing. They took his mono singing track and put it on one side of the album groove and inverted the same track and put it on the other side of the groove. The result was .... his voice canceled out so badly that what comes through most prominently is the "echo" from the sound chamber -(that which is NORMALLY canceled and/but brought out by surround sound)- and he sounds thin and far away.

Now, if you HAVE this album and you switch the two wires around in the back of the pickup in the turntable arm ... on ONE side ... his voice will come through loud and clear without distortion! I discovered it quite by accident when I played the recording of the album through my sound matrix. He came out of the back speakers as if he'd suddenly come to life! I talked to my friend who HAS that album, about it and he said, yeah ... he'd discovered it too ... when he was replacing his needle or pickup and accidentally got the wires on in reverse order ... to one side of the pickup. Wow. Talk about dumb, eh?

So here are two JR recordings for comparison. We thank thee sounds right. In the Garden sounds awful. If one of the channels is reversed though, it sounds much the same as We Thank Thee ... except that the orchestration then cancels out!


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