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If you were to comprise a list of the most common fallacies

August 4 2010 at 7:07 AM

JVH say  (Login JVH)

Response to Fallacy of inconsistency is quite common too


statements of a transcendent or immaterial nature equal incoherency as such connotations have no ontological status

... those 2 would make it for sure. happy.gif

... abductive, inductive, deductive
are the 3 basic modes of reasoning and
when we fail to discern between them
we are destined to act accordingly ...

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... after all, inference demands explicit entails implicit
so, iff what is explicitly posed is true, then what it
necessarily infers or implies must logically be true
as well - if not, then it is incontrovertibly axiomatic
there is something amiss with the explicitly posed ...

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... the excruciating irony of incomprehensibility
& self-refutation thus; those oblivious of it become
indispensably the experts in applying it, effectually
revealing the exact opposite of apparent intent
thereby granting the courtesy of instant clarification.

Mice In A Maze-Going In Circles

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It is as it is - It goes as it goes
If it doesn't go, that's how it goes
If it isn't, then that's how it is

I like hu-mans. Really
They do funnee stuffs

They seems to live with the
impression that they is some
sorts of omniscient - you can
then always depend on them
to tells you exactly what your
thoughts and feelings is.


New!! Improved!! Now With T-Formula!!

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There is forgiveness. Unfortunately, forgiveness doesn't mean a thing
..... when not applied that is. Therefore, it is I who forgive, publically
those who either dare or will not - for, as it seems, they are not ready
yet, to do so by themselves; out of themselves. I hereby thus, plow
the road; leading the way, for those eager to walk that walk as well.
JVH, July 20, 2010, 2:22

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