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understanding Jesus; its all in the name

August 16 2010 at 10:31 AM

yvonne  (Login Harpazo)


the Bible says we get baptized INTO JESUS NAME

baptism is defined as COMPLETE IMMERSION into something, water in the Biblical sense but also a baptism of FIRE is mentioned when CHRIST is revealed:

its all in the meaning of the words in the scriptures, hence Jesus means "salvation of Jehovah" and Jehovah means "the self existant one, the "I am what I am and I will be what I will be", the WILL OF LIFE making itself what it wills to make itself within the creation:

without being BAPTIZED into the NAME of JESUS, coming in JESUS name, there is no "KNOWLEDGE" possible of this name hence this "MAN":

when we are baptized INTO CHRIST, by the HOLY SPIRIT (Fire) to bring us to the UNITY OF THE SAME SPIRIT that God is, we will begin to KNOW Jesus:

the reason Jesus is the name of CHRIST is because only CHRIST can give us the TRUE MEANING of this name, what it means to be saved by the GOOD WILL of the UNIVERSE, to be SOMETHING that he makes us with and BY HIMSELF in us:

any other understanding of JESUS is going to be met with "I NEVER KNEW YOU"

and that is all egos, all carnal minds in the end:

these can never know him or be known by him.....they are a different "KIND" of species:

CHRIST in us is "FORMED" into MAN, a NEW MAN, the LAST Adam and he is given the NAME Jesus before he is born because of what this FORMATION (transformation for us) means in LIFE.......

this is the NAME OF GOD IN US.....become, FORMED INTO "MAN"

this fulfills the "LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR IMAGE AND LIKENESS" that is stated in the beginning

Jesus is that Man but he is MADE by GOD and the other part of the "US" which is the "CREATION" that receives him:

pure and simple if you can hear that

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