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September 15 2010 at 3:50 AM
Vince  (Login MoxiFoxx)
Von Klumpen

Response to Too true

Ok, I didn't answer that above post because, well ... some posts are just too absurd to address meaningfully and instead of getting into pointless and meaningless contention, it's sometime better to just leave it be.

I suppose my silence was probably seen as "conviction" because the spiritual discernment/prognosis laid on me was so pregnant .... and so ... there's been this further bold followup. (Her analysis of my deconversion is totally incorrect, by the way)

[ What Vince proposes is basic antichrist

What Vince fails to see is the ones of us that have been on this journey for as many years as some of us have...we have heard most all of his type of anti christ-ian beliefs for years. We know what the word says about it and we know that we know and that isn't being egotistical on our part.

Re: what Vince proposes is basic antichrist

I been around and around some issues with Vince, probably as long as you have Jay... I entered into the last round of discussions, totally at peace... I wasn't sure where it was going until last night.

I was laying in bed pondering the scripture/discussion... what I posted today, came from that. Pope's discussion was just the cherry.

I like Vince, I understand him to a point... his experience with church, the bible, faith, etc... was what it was and the point he is missing is; It was HIS choice, stay, go, seek understanding etc... and he made that choice.

HIS experience is HIS, his choice was his... God doesn't force anyone to stay with him, sit in a church etc...

But, because that was his experience/choice, I think he has trouble rationalizing why the rest of us don't just pack it in?

Perspective... If God really is the CENTER of your world, if Jesus is the Foundation of your house... the focus doesn't change and the perspective will soon follows in an understanding from God.

I think we all go through a "test" within whatever church we are sitting in at some time... how we deal with it speaks volumes.

Vinces mistake

Vince made a willful mistake: He forgets the old proverb -

"Never blame Christ because of us Christians!"

Forgetting that proverb, he cuts God away from his life for something that isn't God's doing - something that God in fact didn't want. ]

This response isn't about whether I made a valid point or not, mind you, because originally Char agreed with me! But then she got to thinkin, (I guess) ... WHY IS HE SAYING THIS?? WHAT'S HIS AGENDA??

So the warning bells went off and the lights flashed and then the holy ghost spoke and she was spooked. Because I'm not a Christian believer, I MUST be operating under the auspices of the devil eh? So she had to say something DIFFERENT than me so that it WOULDN'T agree with whatever the devil might be trying to convey through me .... something like that.~

And/but you know ...

All of that is in response to my sharing an opinion on Psalms 14 ... suggesting that it WASN'T addressed to atheists but to regular old gods-believers! (The word "God" in both Psalms 14 and 53 is "Elohim" which is plural of "elowahh" ... so it's saying that "the fool hath said in his heart there is no gods" !! )

Should I now grille them on whether THEY believe in gods? If they don't, they're FOOLS! The Bible SAYS SO!!


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