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You got it!

September 28 2010 at 3:27 AM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)

Response to It seems so trite

That's exactly right. Christians dismiss whatever I say because I must have had some bitter experience with a church (or relationship) etc.

They're completely mistaken about that though. I deconverted because I set out to STRENGTHEN my faith by reading a book by Wheless and trying to refute his "fallacious" statements. To my utter amazement, when I checked all of his Biblical references he was right ALL THE TIME!

I discovered scores of impossibilities and contradictions and as my eyes opened up more, I found answers to questions which had puzzled me for YEARS!

I think the most notable revelation to me was discovering the retrofitting of the Pentateuch into the front of the Old Testament. It finally solved a problem that had plagued me for years. I used to wonder -(and don't OTHERS wonder about this too ... people who claim to have read the entire Bible and several times too?)- how could God have been so 'in their face' all through the 40 years in the wilderness, punishing people for the slightest errors, slaughtering thousands etc. ... and/but once they were in the Promised Land, he totally took a hike and they forgot all about him?

I mean, you take Gideon, for example ...

He was as heathen as they come! And what's with prophetess Debra? Yahveh was a MAN'S God, not a woman's.

Why did King David not once obey the protocols laid out in the Deuteronomical laws? He acted as priest, he ran the feasts and sacrifices, he married lots of women, he gathered riches and lots of horses etc. ... and he created worship places in all sorts of hills and groves. He never once observed any Sabbath ... nor is there any record of his being circumcised or anyone else for that matter. (The prophet Samuel, in fact, was a circuit priest who went from one high place to the next and high places were FORBIDDEN in the Mosaic law!)

So ALL of these uber-righteous early saints of Judaism were all .... heathen. ONLY AFTER King Josiah came into power, circa 612 BC and the new Zadokite priesthood had written the draft for Deuteronomy ... were the old idol-worshiping ways abolished and a NEW religion -concentrated on the ONE god, Yahveh ... implemented. And then, it was only the folks who went to Babylon and came back who actually kept observing that. The folks who stayed behind -like Jeremiah- continued to worship the "host of heaven".


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