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For the record...

October 20 2010 at 12:00 PM
Pam  (Login LiveLaughLoveNow)

First off let me say that this is by no means a "good bye cruel forum" post. It is however going to be my last day on these N54 boards. My time and energies are better served on things in my "real" life. I'm going to go back to school soon and I don't need the extra distraction of N54 taking away from my studies. I've also pared down Facebook which is another distraction I don't have time for. I can't get rid of it or I'd never know what my family was up to happy.gif so to those of you I took off my friend list, it was nothing personal, just a way for me to try and self-police my time on the net.

Although I don't post much anymore on N54 I do still read on occasion and what I've read this morning around the boards sickens me. I do not understand how my marriage to Mondo is still a topic of conversation with Nucc. I also do not understand how one person can have such animosity towards someone he's never met in person and knows nothing of in real life. To read posts calling my husband an antagonistic, jew-hating anti-christ is a little unsettling to say the least. Those are very strong words and carry a lot of meaning behind them. It amazes me how carelessly they get tossed around these parts.

Some of you can put whatever pretty little spin on Nucc's comments that you wish but I'll call it what it is....bullshit. He is out to hurt Mondo and it's pretty evident that he in no way wants to have an actual discussion about anything. He would rather make comments on us and our marriage in an attempt to bait. He's done this for the past few years and I'm tired of it. I think its better if I just get off the forums all together and then hopefully it will take away a bit of the fuel for the fire. I made the mistake of sharing my experiences with going to church and looking for God when I started on these boards and now it gets used against me time and time again.

I don't have a thick skin and his words wound me deeply. My marriage is sacred to me and to have him make those kinds of comments on it and about my husband is such a personal violation to me. I will not be drawn into a conversation where I am made to feel I have to defend why my husband is a great husband and why Nucc is wrong. He is and that's there is to that. I love how he calls me stupid, naive, gullible, moronic etc. all in the name of "love". If that's love, he can keep it. I'll stick with the kind of love I've been blessed enough to be given in this life.

I have been entertained today by certain posts regarding tundra thumping, mu-heads and beeyotches and disappointed by some posts where I felt an unfair standard was being set. However, I guess that is what happens in real life too, not just the "net world".

I wish you all the best in your real lives because our real lives are the ones that matter the most, not the net persona's we create for ourselves. I probably should have left this all alone but I guess I too have a breaking point.

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