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The death penalty is

October 26 2010 at 10:57 AM
Striver  (no login)

Response to How to judge for crime and sin in court....

built around ignorance. Not stupidity, ignorance. For this planet to achieve its purpose, each of us has to live out her-his allotted time, make our mistakes, learn from them until the point is reached at which we have eliminated all mistakes. At that momentous point we will have worked our way out of the fogs and miasmas of human mind and stepped into the clear cold light of pure reason. The West calls this Christ mind.

This is absolutely important if the seed atom Earth is going to germinate and make its contribution to that part of cosmos within the area of space which the Planetary Logos, the Word in John 1, influences and which He (using the pronoun to have something with which to work), the Logos, uses to build his bodies of manifestation.

As minds reaches Christ status, these minds form a Centre of Synthesis. This center is alluded to in Matthew 13:33 by the woman who places three measures of yeast into three measures of dough, or whatever the verse says. This Christ Center serves as a catalyst in that it bring brings together the higher spiritual Will, Mind and Active Intelligence and the lower trinity of human will, mind and emotional love into at-one-ment. This Center, this Core, this Nucleus, continues to grow until the planet and ALL its Life have become the Nucleus.

The death penalty short circuits a lifetime of making mistakes and learning. This is how we attain Christ mind. There is no sin, just an unevolved human animal making mistakes. The death penalty satisfies an emotional need for revenge...that's all it accomplishes. The death penalty interfere with the building of the Christ Center of synthesis. This Center is a Christ Center made up of Christed minds. This Center of Synthesis synthesises positive and negative. Why? Because it accomplishes what the Christ said, "I, if I be lifted up, WILL DRAW ALL MEN )MINDS) TOGETHER. This Center is the Christ Magnet.

And here I'm going to release information which the Fundamentalist will not grasp, identifying as they (as yet) do with this the tiny dust particle called planet Earth.

It is humanity's job, humanity's whole purpose for being homogeneous with planet Earth, to first build a Center of Synthesis on Earth, Once the entire planet has become consumed by this firey Center (For our God is consuming Fire( Earth will become the Center od Synthesis for the solar system. Beyond that I won't even attempt to go. But somewhere there is a nucleus for our particular universe Think about it!

This Christ Center, Earth, will then serve the same function for the solar system that the Center of Synthesis will do, once formed, for the matter composing Earth. It will serve as the solar "Consuming Fire." WE ARE GODS (psalm 82.6) We are the fire of mind. What quality mind are we at present? Is this mind inclusive of the new? Is it, like the Fire, growing by consuming? Or is our minds stuck in a religion which teaches the have all there is to know? If one is in such a religion, one needs to get the hell out of it as soon as possible.

Planet Earth is becoming this Center of Synthesis for the solar system because WE ARE ON IT. We are mind which goes about cosmos pollinating every planet as it comes time for that seed planet to germinate. Either our solar system or our galaxy (I haven't figured out which), is to serve as a synapse connecting it to another system so that the Divine Circulatory flow and be transmitted throughout the area of cosmos influenced by the Word. This is what true...TRUE...Astrology is all about...interaction, transmission, connection.

At this point, incredulity is expected from Fundamentalists.

The Moon is a dead chunk of rock, This was not always the case. The moon reflects, but does not radiate. The moon is a dead planet, a corpse in space, because we left it. Those Christians who are incredulous need to read Jog 37 through Job 40, or there abouts.

The death penalty is a very minor interference with divine purpose, but an interference it is.

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