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Re: I didn't realize we were Trinitarians

November 14 2010 at 1:55 AM
Tim  (no login)

Response to I didn't realize we were Trinitarians

""""It was funny. I think I was around 10 or 11, I was at a friend's house who was JW. It was time for Bible study and the dad suggested I might want to go home .. I was like, "Oh no problem I'll stay." So we did this short study and then he asked if we were Trinitarians. I asked what the word meant, after he explained I said "Oh no, we don't believe that." He thought that was a good answer.

I went home and told my Mom, she said, oh now, we believe in the Trinity. Who knew? She wasn't mad or anything. She was raised Catholic. We were Church of God, Indiana.""""

You just made my hair stand up! You know that feeling Mondo! happy.gif
That's funny Mondo! happy.gif
The JW's were the first ones to open my eyes to that also, that there is no Trinity. And I investigated it, and its born of greedy powerful men, not the Bible.

Today I would classify the Trinity dogma as a deceiving thick fog.
Low and behold it was mandated by Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 AD.
Then they invented Popes who (of course) were the Vicar of GOD over mankind.
The Trinity scam was nothing more then a power play invented by Rome.

So Mondo, you weren't a Christian!
Same as Gerard and same for me, we were all raise under the Catholic BS.
I'm not to sure about Joanne if she understands or just wants to love her son.
That makes me tear up, but I do wish the best for everyone.

But, thanks for sharing Mondo, I love ya friend, and you know what?!?!
Jesus love us and will reclaim this Earth and be King of it, and the animals well no longer eat men, but the lamb will lay with the loin.

Love ya Mondo, in Jesus the Lord and Christ and Son of GOD the Almighty.

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