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Jack, the Presbytery of old

March 29 2011 at 2:50 AM
Tim  (no login)

Response to God is ONE and Jesus is HIS Begotten Son

Jack, the Presbytery of old became so numerous Constantine had to figure out how to unite the Babylonian worship system with Christianity. Yet at the same time Constantine had to weave the demigod concept into the church.

Baal worship became Easter with bunnies and eggs for fertility worship. Oh but its the Resurrection of Jesus, just ignore the bunnies and eggs. LOL

The Trinity makes the Pope a god over mankind. All the Casar's were demigods over mankind in Rome. Today Rome produces Popes Vicar of the invented God Jesus Trinitarian concept.

Let me show you something the Vatican does not want you to see Jack;

Is there a hidden political motive for a Roman Trinity?

Multimedia World History:
Tout, T. F. Year 1208

His enunciations of the papal doctrine put claims the Hildebrand himself had hardly ventured to advance, in the clearest and most definite light. The Pope was no mere successor of Peter, the vicegerent of man. "The Roman pontiff," he wrote, "is the vicar, not of man, but of God himself." "The Lord gave Peter the rule not only of the Universal Church, but also the rule of the whole world." "The Lord Jesus Christ has set up one ruler over all things as his universal vicar, and as all things in heaven, earth, and hell bow the knee to Christ, so should all obey Christ's vicar, that there be one flock and one shepherd." "No king can reign rightly unless he devoutly serve Christ's vicar." "Princes have power in earth, priests have also power in heaven. Princes reign over the body, priests over the soul. As much as the soul is worthier than the body, so much worthier is the priesthood than the monarchy." "The Sacerdotium is the sun, the Regnum the moon. Kings rule over their respective kingdoms, but Peter rules over the whole earth. The Sacerdotium came by divine creation, the Regnum by man's cunning."

Do you see the roman motive: A king rules over physical land, but God's successor rules the world!!!

Without Constantine forcing in the Trinity at Nicene (325 AD) making Jesus to be God the Father, the Romans could not produce a Successor of God over mankind.
Vicar of Christ/God. Not to mention they also had to make Peter be the Rock/Christ/God and each pope the Successor or Vicar.

But how much are we really suppose to know about the world anyway?
Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Sorry Jack, I know your church is called "Trinity Presbyterian"....
But don't let the small stuff shake ya wink.gif LOL What's in a name, as long as it doesn't glorify Antichrist beliefs. Oops, did I say that? wink.gif Love ya Jack, your just like Nucc.

Bro Tim, in Jesus the Son of God Almighty.

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