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the love of God

March 31 2011 at 8:32 AM

Yvonne/Zafana  (Login Harpazo)

Response to God is Love


the love of God is given to the evil and the good, but only the good are able to receive it:

since only God is good, the 'seed' (WORD) has to go deep down into the 'good ground" (the part of us that is favored, reserved) for God to enter and make a NEW MAN and a NEW creation:

this is the virgin ground (Mark 4) that never knew a man or the old part of us: This new dimension within us is full of the LIFE giving minerals (ROCK of our salvation) that enables the "SEED" to grow into a new tree (shoot of Jessee) and become a tree of life within us:

the ego is the old ground (old dirt ball of our brain) and it isn't able to receive the WORD ....why? Mark 4 explains, the devils come and take the seeds for themselves because these are the only light that enable them to live.

for the light to give eternal LIFE, it has to find the innermost part of us called the SOUL that will be saved in child bearing.....this is the woman in us beasts:

this woman will become the NEW MAN when she brings forth the SEED (manchild) who will save her and become her "HEAD" and lead her.....

this is all revealed in NATURE for the scientific minds in here.

God works in the soul as he does in NATURE which is why Jesus used nature as parables for the formation of the SOUL....the image and likeness of God

the only thing cast into the lake of fire is hell and death and the ego that is lost in these all the days of its life

this is why I have been screaming ....RISE ABOVE the ego (which only the soul can do) and BE FILLED with LIGHT, which is the LIFE of Man

the quicker the better for everyone since all souls are CONNECTED.....

all egos are separted from the SOUL that is one, which is why the ego feels so individualized and alone

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