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the ego and the WORD

April 29 2011 at 9:56 AM

Yvonne/Zafana  (Login Harpazo)

Response to Tim


the ego wants to maintain control over the Word, hence DECIDE what it all means and how it plays out and where to worship and who is right and wrong about sects and divisions about the WORD.........

but the soul that actually EXPERIENCES the WORD has no such delusions about the WORD: THE SOUL knows that it can not decide what the WORD means, but instead, the WORD will FORM THE SOUL into the image and likeness of God and therefore, the soul doesn't do the work as the ego would do it........choosing what is true and not true

the SOUL FEELS THE WORD, feels GOD making Man out of the soul and HIMSELF as the WORD in the soul.....the WORD made FLESH

the soul starts out the prisoner of the ego, but ends up the WIFE of God become ONE FLESH with him, the WORD made flesh

this kills the power of the ego over the soul

and after the soul becomes one heart with God, the ego below the heart (before it was above it) but now, below the heart, the ego or new mind becomes a servant in the kingdom where King (GOOD WILL) and queen (HEART for her King or DESIRE that follows the GOOD INTENTION or King) rule over that kingdom:

the Kingdom then receives the King and Queen as one flesh and serves them on earth as they are in heaven within this Kingdom:

the Kingdom of God on earth is filled with all kinds of life......all protected and loved by the King and Queen, will and heart of Man:

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