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twelve step programs

May 10 2011 at 12:09 PM
Iceman  (no login)

Response to This may sound "smart ass"

Substituting a problem such as an addiction for a life time with a religious cult is hardly a success. People generally fail at goals due to a lack of commitment and the self discipline to maintain that commitment. Loseing weight and curtailing a dependancy takes a magor lifestyle change. AA/NA and other such programs do not provide that. They only provide giving it up to God and a life time of meetings and platitudes.

On the other hand there are programs that do work and that don't require the "Keep coming back" B.S.

Shedding a dependancy requires a great deal more than turning it over to a Sky-Spook. Certainly spirituality and belief may help, but action and responsibility fall on the individual for change. For those who doubt, I simply remind you of the great success of another cult led by Jim Jones.,

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