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religion as an addiction

May 13 2011 at 12:44 PM

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Response to Religion And Addiction

if I need something from the OUTSIDE to make me feel better, a drug, alcohol, food, sex, whatever....some people are addicted to washing their hands continually........this is very difficult to live with:

I have to continually seek for the substance and put my body through the DESTRUCTION of what this substance does to me

all these substances do something to the brain that makes it feel better...........

this is what addicted people SEEK........the FEELING the substance brings them

now, religion gives us the MEANS TO ACTIVATE THE SAME feeling from WITHIN us......the same feeling that others seek from the outside

saying that seekers who look for God within are addicts is like saying PEOPLE WHO SEEK OXYGEN are addicts for air

or water addicts so they don't die

give me a break

if a person uses religion to FIND the answers within, what harm does it do?/

now, if people USE RELIGION to HARM others or FORCE OTHERS into their own personal advantage, then they are mere brute beasts who found another way to USE THEIR PRIDEFUL EGO to get what they WANT from others, from outside of themselves

sure religion can be an addiction

like food............

should we get rid of food so those who tend to use it no longer have to worry about becoming food addicts?

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