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May 13 2011 at 3:19 PM
Seoc Colla  (no login)

Response to An intellectual discussion

Whether one classifies a view as 'Emotional' 'Spiritual' or 'intellectual' does not change the topic, simply reveals the individual.

Whether a man is subjectively regarded as 'Rich' or 'Poor' - the holy book does not clarify whether the riches or the poverty is physical, mental or spiritual - in terms of 'getting into heaven' is totally irrelevant. All will enter the next chapter of their lives regardless of any kind of standing - it is the Law.
Isn't 'heaven within'?

Wouldn't a holy book be aware of this?

In any event how could a real god written/ inspired book, as is claimed for the bible, constantly need correction, reinterpretation, improvement and best of all - authorised.
Why has it become so splintered as each newcomer religion puts their own spin on things as they struggle for market share of 'christians'?

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