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Atheism and love

May 13 2011 at 7:29 PM
Iceman  (no login)

From Positive Atheism

Love is an abstraction that defies definition in terms all could agree on. Romantic or courtly love is a relatively recent development in the sociology of humans. Thanks to the exploitation and objectivication of women by the relgions of history, man's relationship with women bears scars of distortion that persist to this day.

Alone or connected, young or old, one should always live as full a life as one is able. Nobody said life was fair, we must all play the hand we're dealt. Religion capiltalizes on this fact by always holding out hope and answers on which it can never deliver. Look to see how some of the truly great minds have dealt with setbacks, pain, disappointments, and frustration. Imagine Beethoven's deafness, Galileo's ridicule and persecution by the church, Hawking's unbelievable illness, Helen Keller born deaf and blind. The list is endless. Nietzsche, whose life was no picnic, said it best "That which does not kill me strengthens me."

No special interest group of any kind has the market cornered on love, and throughout history, love has been denied to multitudes. To be sure, the absense of companionship and physical love is a cruel fate for a sensitive, carng person, yet, perversely, some seek out solitude. Men like Newton and Ravel seem to have had no intimate relationships with any other humans, male OR female. The overwhelming majority of philosophers and other great thinkers remained unmarried and many lived reclusive lives inside their brains.

How to cope, who can say?...if you feel sorry for yourself, DON'T (I'm NOT implying that you do). If you have a brain (mind) USE IT. If you have something to say, SAY IT! Read, write, listen to and play music, connect up with kindred and empathic "souls" if only on the internet. Stop wasting your time with the "great mystical, metaphysical questions." Don't ask "Why am I here?" or "Whither goest I?" Better to find your bliss and to pursue it rentlessly. Better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

You speculate that narrowing down your life to a single person would cause you to miss out on a great deal. This is specious reasoning. The person who constricts your life is the wrong person. Linking up with the ideal mate or compan- ion should open up your life to broader and more varied vistas and experiences. If two minds and/or bodies come together and create restriction, you're both doing it wrong. One's life should be enriched by another's and no part of it should be displaced.

If love isn't additive, it's destructive. Two people "goin' for the gold" should find TWICE as much treasure.

Every moment spent dwelling on your plight is a moment forever lost. Every moment of your life should be ennobled with the love and glory of nature and the wisdom that only comes from awareness. It's your birthright.

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