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June 5 2011 at 6:50 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)

Response to Panzers were fast and agile


They were very heavy tanks with lots of armor thickness. At close quarters they were probably a bit too slow too. Americans, for example, developed the Buick tank (towards the end of the war) which was very light and had almost no armor plating but could go up to 60 mph. These little buggers could zip in close, fire right into the Panzers and get back out ... before the German tanks could even swing their guns around to aim at them.

But the Germans had high velocity 88 mm. anti-aircraft guns mounted on their tanks and the advantage was ... they could shoot miles out without losing altitude -("flat trajectory"). So if no American tanks could get NEAR enough to hit the German tanks, the Germans could easily take them out first.

Americans primarily used their gasoline-engined Sherman tanks. They were coined, "the Ronsons" because they'd light up like a Ronson lighter the minute they were hit. Germans used diesel engines and didn't have that problem.

Americans' advantage was their huge air force and compliment of planes. Toward the end of the war, Germans had almost no planes left (and neither did the Japs). Without adequate air cover, the Germans were sitting ducks.

Germans had better submarines but Americans had more ships. Germans had better soldiers but Americans had MORE soldiers. Germans had better tanks but Americans had planes. Ultimately, the planes turned out to be the deciding weapon .. in Europe and also in the Pacific theater. Today, of course, it's all missiles...


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