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What is the dilemma?

July 9 2011 at 11:11 AM

Mondo  (Login Oscar50)

Response to Finding oneself impaled upon the horns of a dilemma


Can the Book of Genesis be discredited as a true account of creation - YES.

Agreed. It's mythology. There are very few who take it literally. The fundamentalist, and the anti-fundamentalist.

Can the existence of God be proved wrong - NO.

True. Neither can it be disproved, but the burden of proof is on those that make assertions, be they positive or negative.

If GOD's exists then how did creation come about? - UNANSWERED.

'Did "creation" actually occur?' is another question. Or "Is it occuring?" How it came about, unanswered. Was it caused, or uncaused. We can't know. That there is something uncaused seems probable.

If GOD's existence can not be proved then there is a 50/50 chance that Athiests are wrong.

There is a chance atheists are wrong. I don't think we can put odds on the number. There is a greater chance that some theists are wrong - because since they disagree, they can't all be right.

With 50/50 odds of being right or wrong the Athiest has a dilemma: What happens to an athiest when they die? JB

There is no dilemma. The atheist and the theist and the agnostic all share the same fate when they die. At least that is my opinion, and it seems logical (were it not for some "books" written by men that suggest otherwise).

I don't have any strong beliefs, but have quite entertained the notion of us being spiritual beings, having a physical experience. And possibly having more physical experiences, after the end of this one.

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