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And that's another thing I just don't understand about religious people

August 17 2011 at 11:52 AM

Doc Strange  (Login edstrange13)

Response to here is exactly what you said...

They get ticked off if you don't believe every crazy claim they make, and when asked for evidence, they become FURIOUS.

HINT: Not every one is going to buy into your beliefs. Don't get mad about it.

If someone offered to sell you a bottle that had a genie inside of it, and this genie would grant any and every wish you asked of it, but there was a catch: You had to pay for the bottle before you were allowed to open it. Would you still buy the genie?

And wouldn't you be perplexed if the person selling you the bottle became furious if you asked to see the genie before you paid?

it must be fun for your family and friends to interact with you: First you tell others that you dont deny their experience and then you turn around and tell them that they can "BELIEVE" whatever they want, while making fun of their experience, calling them mere thoughts and beliefs

As for "making fun", I've explained to you over and over again why I tell things as I see it and not sugarcoat it.

"Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before Reason can act upon them, and no man ever had a distinct idea about the "Trinity". It is the mere abracadabra of the mountebanks calling themselves the priests of Jesus." -- Thomas Jefferson

Me and my family don't talk about religion, because in my family, religion is irrelevant. As it should be. And that's why I join organizations like the Freedom From Religious Foundation. I'm not trying to destroy religion per se. I'm trying to make it irrelevant, to the point where it is no longer forced on people in our secular society.

I know you believe your religion to be a "live and let live" kinda thing... but it's not. Christians in America are actively trying to force Christianity on people. It was forced on me as a child. Christian churches refuse to pay taxes, putting their tax burden on rationalists. Christians are actively trying to force religiously-inspired laws thru our secular government, in total and complete contradiction to our Constitution.

So, yeah, I have an interest on this forum. I try to show people why basing beliefs and lives on ancient fables isn't that great of an idea in the 21st Century. And that's what the Bible is: ancient fables. Sure there are some diamonds in the dunghill as Jefferson also said, but they are pretty easy to pick out. And I didn't need the Bible to see the good parts. Meaning, as a moral guide, the Bible is irrelevant, and looking at the bad parts, actually counterproductive.

But as for "making fun" of beliefs... I take it you considered my calling Jesus a "2000 year old superhuman Jewish carpenter" offensive? If so, why do you find the truth offensive?

Was Jesus Jewish? According to the Bible, yes. Was Jesus a carpenter? According to the Bible, yes. Was he superhuman? According to the Bible, yes. If he lived at all, did he live about 2000 years ago? According to historians, yes.

So, what did I say that was incorrect?

"Forget Jesus! Stars died so you could be here today." -- Dr. Lawrence Krauss, theoretical physicist

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