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I'm with Y...

August 19 2011 at 1:07 PM

ani  (Login queenannie38)

Response to its all coming to an end now


for the sake of posterity...just for the record...I am her witness in that I agree with what she says...and it is indeed all coming to an will be obvious in the coming months if you can't see the bricks falling here and there...when they all start to topple from the weakness of the foundation, you will see that it's true...and that the outer majority of everything has been a grand delusion...

But how can we learn what truth really is until we have fully experienced falsehood and deception?

Christianity as it is now is not the truth that comes in the name of Christ...just taking on that name is seen by outsiders as a seal of authority but there are some of us...not many but some...more than just Yvonne and I and Lox and there are more even here that know GOD in truth...who know that it's not what name you call yourself or what denomination or sect or building you link yourself to, if you don't DO love...then you aren't legitimate in claiming to represent GOD...who is LOVE.

Fear is not love. But fear is the force that powers most western religions...especially Christianity.
There isn't a mass body of true followers of Christ because Christ has not been fully revealed to the world...not in truth and not in full...I'm not talking about a historical Jesus that is called Christ...but just Christ...who is named Jesus but it is a meaning not a name...the salvation of the self-existent.
All names hide a meaning that is more descriptive than appearances and opinions. And not just bible names...all names.

Check to see what your name(s) mean, here:

It is very interesting and can even be enlightening!
Light is good for all, religious or not.

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