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Containment of Infinity and "God"

September 13 2011 at 12:16 AM
Bob Hope 2.0  (no login)

Response to Infinity and the mind.... My theory....

You state: "GOD cannot be contained. Therefor infinity is His home."

This reminds me of St. Anselm's ontological argument which I find poor to say the least

You also state:

"Back to the subject; When we try to imagine infinity it seems unimaginable. And that's because it is.

When you find infinity unimaginable your mind is working properly. Because infinity can not be captured to view as an item in the mind."

I find infinity quite imaginable, would that mean my mind is not working properly?

You also state:

"You cannot contain endlessness, nether can it be comprehended as an object nor item that the mind can fully see nor picture."

I find infinity, as you define as "the concept of endlessness" containable. Infinity, at least to me, is not about seeing the whole picture, but about more about inferring the picture, similar to faith, oddly.

You also state:

"Infinite numbers of planets and galaxies cannot be contained to view in the imagination."

I find that I am able to.

"In fact numbers can not count infinity."

Technically no, but there are numbers, like aleph-null, that express infinity in the form of sets.

"The number 0 which is actually not a number can only represent infinity."

Actually, "0" is a place-holder, much like any other counted number, which signifies nothing in that place, like no units of (...."hundredths", "tenths", "ones", "tens", "hundreds"....). Take the number "1000" that is interpreted as "One" unit of "thousands" and zero (or the absence of any) units of "hundreds", "tens"; technically it would go on past the decimal to "tenths", "hundredths", "thousandths", etc.

Your entire argument seems based on your own perceptions, just because you cannot contain "God" or infinity, it does not mean others cannot.

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