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Re: is everything valuable and true visible?

December 2 2011 at 9:36 AM

Doc Strange  (Login edstrange13)

Response to is everything valuable and true visible?

Yvonne said: do you see the electricity going into your TV.

No, but it can be detected and measured predictably.

do you see the LOVE you feel for your spouse or "signifigant other"??

No, because emotions don't exist outside of the human mind.

do you see your BREATH (not on a cold day but every other time lol)???

AH! Self-imposed conditions. Nice. happy.gif

But yes, you can see your breath, even on a hot day.

do you see how your hair grows,

Yes, you can.

your children grow inches taller every day

Yes, you can.

your nails grow

Yes, you can.

teeth grow? can you really see that?

Yes, you can.

do you see how a seed (of anything) becomes what it becomes (tree, person, whatever)


Isn't technology a wonderful thing? And we didn't need the gods to develop it!


You see, I think your problem is that you spend all of your time focused on supernatural stuff, and don't appreciate natural stuff, like the beauty of life, the universe, and everything.

Your living for a next life that may not exist, instead of living THIS life.

"Life is but a momentary glimpse of the wonder of this astonishing universe, and it is sad to see so many dreaming it away on spiritual fantasy." -- Carl Sagan

why aren't these very same FORMS expressed about God as valid as any other?

Simple. You see those things up there I posted? Even if you can't SEE them, we have EVIDENCE of them... and we now have the technology necessary to actually see them.

Gods aren't like that. We have no evidence of them. Nothing. Just feelings. And it's easy to trick emotional humans with feelings. Gods are curtains that wrap up what we don't know. "I don't know how this could possibly happen. Right, then it must be god."

Gods are only invoked when we don't understand something. It was said that gods made the sun come up and set. But now that we know what really causes it, the gods receded further from reality.

Gods are the ultimate receding goalposts.

"Not one man in a thousand has the strength of mind or the goodness of heart to be an atheist." -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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