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Re: Bingo.

December 30 2011 at 6:45 AM
Tim  (no login)

Response to Re: Bingo.


""Bibles dont speak. None of them do. If they did, would there be such a
contradictory avalanche of them?
Printed works have no voice.""

Hmmm.. Funny how you convey your voice and thoughts in printed words on my PC monitor.

""Pope admitted: 'it has served us well, this Christ myth""

Catholics don't believe in the Bible, and they don't want you to study it. That's why it was illegal to own a copy of the bible in Italy until 1870 AD.

Oh and by the way, these are printed words from me to you, so if your having troubles understanding them just let me know.

Hay here's a question for ya. Why is it going to be the year 2012 AD?

After you completely defile 2012 AD, here's another one for ya. Look at your calender, and tell me why Saturday is always the seventh day of the week and not the Catholic Sunday?

Hmmm.... So the year 2012 AD is based on Jesus Christ and the Year of our Lord.
And Saturday being the seventh day of the week is based upon the Bible Sabbath day. Hmmm.. imagine that. The year and the days are based upon something YOU claim doesn't exist.
So remember every day next year that it is based upon when Jesus Christ was here.

The one thing we don't have right is the time of day and when the next day begins. The next day doesn't begin at 12:00 AM, it begins at sunset. That's why the true Sabbath is Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. And Sunday is the first day of the week on all your calenders.

Who's fooling who?

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