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December 31 2011 at 3:28 AM
Seoc Colla  (no login)

Response to True, there is a destruction BUT

'''''''' Lies in the assumptions you make and in the conclusions that you draw from them: viz: ""HOW ABSOLUTE my experience has been and what it has accomplished in me by God"".
You dont say!

Where is the evidence that this is so? Folk across the planet receive a variety of inspiration/ experiences/ insights, virtually daily - and are likely to attribute this to a variety of unproven sources which depend on their understanding or Life. They may or may not claim some Deity arranged the whole thing, but the point is that it seems such events are for the illumination of the receiving individual.
The source is always their 'God' and while the experience is valid, the subsequent interpretations may not be. It might help to realise that there are no miracles, Life operating via Natural Law.

""if it were possible for eye and ear to understand it, then no one would NEED to experience it...........but just hear about it and walllah.......DONE""

What is the point of such an event that is outwith understanding? The same can be said of 'speaking in tongues' - what is the point?
In the Spiritualist understanding if such 'phenomena' were to be produced by a Medium, they would be told in no uncertain terms that this level was completely unacceptable (unless they were in their very early stages of development) and advised to continue meditating and work on improving their Spiritual qualities. Reining in the tyro Medium's ego at this stage is vital.

'Breakthrough' of this sort is a daily occurance and further development is always necessary. It is better by far that the potential 'channel' has no religious hang-ups as this will taint the information supplied.
This type of phenomena inevitably must pass through the Mediums mind and is 'coloured' - at best - by hard wired religious indoctrination, spoiling any good that might come of it otherwise.

I trust that you are aware of the maxim: 'By their fruits you will know them'?
Note that it does not mention 'words' or 'phenomena'

""not so, Im proven every day for twenty years that my experience is OUT OF THIS WORLD ""
""by the mere fact............FACT.........that no matter how I try, nobody can hear me""
""amazing me""

For me, this smacks of immaturity rather than the necesssary humility.
I'm not being unkind, but as someone who has many years of involvement in such 'communications', I'd be failing as a human being if I remained silent on this. Being a 'clear channel' for such matters requires very strong self awareness and rigid discipline - otherwise the result is spoiled.

I would say that your 'connection' is genuine, albeit weak and immature, and would grow under a wise and experienced teacher. You seem to have attracted a Soul of a philosophical mind rather than a Healer or Evidential purpose. A Spiritualist or Buddhist group would offer positive support.

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