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Leaving a forum with class

January 2 2012 at 9:26 AM

Bob  (Premier Login bobquit)

This has nothing to do with Yvonne - it is just something I found in my archives. I hope you get a laugh or two.

When leaving a forum permanently, it is always best to make a dramatic exit post. Remember, when composing the 'exit post', outrage and injured innocence should be constant themes. Try and follow this basic structure.

First a bold and dramatic lead which announces your intentions to deprive the group of your sparkling input. If possible, it should be made clear that the act has been forced upon you by external evil forces. Avoid understatement at all costs when it comes to explaining the impact this has had on your battered psyche.

"I'm outta here!! I'm already on the edge of a nervous breakdown and can no longer take the cruelty of the people on this so called "forum"!! It was clear from the start I didn't fit in!!"

Apologize in a fashion that makes it clear that you are entirely blameless but are merely a simple martyr who is much misunderstood. Have a stab at some blunt sarcasm aimed at one of the blue meanies who drove you out of town.

"I'm sorry that some of the idiots here can't understand that all I want to do is help others and enlighten them to the truth. And I'm sorry to the few nice decent people who have the whole thing spoiled by the actions of the mean and nasty majority here who don't understand what we are saying to them."

Make it clear that the nasty vocal majority really have nothing important to say, care deeply that everyone else will succeed ilife, although some strange predestined force means that you will not be able to share their success.

"Well I hope that you guys all come through despite all the mean negativity we get from some guys round here. I ill just tough it out without you horses arses."

If you are really shameless you might implore others at this point not to try and talk you out of it.

"My mind is made up. I have no choice but to walk from this hell hole of a forum."

Sign off suggesting you are leaving more in sadness than anger while making little effort to hide your white-hot rage.

"Well congratulations you miserable jerks!!! You've got what you wanted - I'm off. And I wish all the rest of you a wonderful life!!!"

Close out with some hugs and cyber tears and don't be seen on this forum for about 48 hours when you announce your return in defiant style citing a sackful of emails begging you to stay, a right to free speech and a new found determination not to let the "few rotten apples" ruin your life - at least until the next time.

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"Error does not become Truth because it is widely accepted; Truth does not become error, even when it stands alone"
(Thanks Kristy)

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