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Hermetic Science

April 9 2012 at 11:01 AM

Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Response to He does hold a well known and strong position on supernatural speculation.

Hiya Arty. happy.gif

Have you ever read up on the Hermetic Sciences?

You might be surprised how many of our current scientists actually revere our historic scientists that were able to be fairly comfortable with their body, mind and soul concepts that included both the spiritual and science. In days gone by these two were passionate bedfellows, until the fundies of both religion and science put egos and dogmas before the True Secrets waiting to be re-discovered.

This parting, imo, was a serious betrayal by both of these institutions.

Pythagoras and esoteric geometry
Isaac Newton, ('the Dark Heretic'), alchemist:

"Like all European alchemists from the Dark Ages to the beginning of the scientific era and beyond," "Newton was motivated by a deep-rooted commitment to the notion that alchemical wisdom extended back to ancient times. The Hermetic tradition -- the body of alchemical knowledge -- was believed to have originated in the mists of time and to have been given to humanity through supernatural agents. M2

Michael White author of Isaac Newton:The Last Sorcerer

Nicholas Flamel
John Dee

ALL were practitioners of the various kinds of what is labelled ' occult practices' and studied the 'metaphysical'.

Healing, etc

Giordano Bruno - a great example! Monk, scientist, poet, heretic!
Studied metaphysics, wrote books on mnemonic technique, cosmologist

Bruno is actually featured on Dickie's website somewhere! happy.gif

[linked image]
Giordano Bruno Burned at the stake on February 17th, 1600


[linked image]

As Above, So Below

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