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The Hermetic sciences apparently revolved around alchemy

April 10 2012 at 6:34 AM
Arthur Dent  (Login ArtieDent)

Response to Hermetic Science

Which was sort of a predecessor to chemistry. Turning lead into gold and creating elixirs of life was popular way back then and was still a popular research topic in Isaac Newtons time (1700's) Isaac Newton himself is still considered the prince of science, and really kicked off what we now consider to be science in a big way in many areas.

He was a Christian too, and probably never doubted that he was uncovering gods plan, in his efforts.

He is still well regarded in science circles of course, but his alchemic efforts never bore fruit. It wasnt till 200 years later that the nature of the atom started to be revealed which went a long way to unleashing the power of modern chemistry and closed the page on efforts to transmute lead into god activities.

Its not that scientists are "fundies" who wont consider ancient wisdoms, its that they have learned why the ancients themselves could not do these things and discovered truths that the alchemists never could, on account that they were on the wrong track.

Modern theories are backed up by working, the theories perfectly predict what can and cant be done in the mixing of chemicals.

I guess metaphysics is also ignored because it doesnt lend itself to the scientific method. If you cant test it scientifically, its not a scientific theory.

Gods arent, sources arent and metaphysics isnt. The very name implies its out of "physics", but if it was physics, it would be physics.

Hence scientists avoid commenting, but pretenders and quacks may go where professionals fear to tread.

Zombie Jesus who sort of came back from the dead...

Away in a graveyard, a stone overhead
The zombie lord Jesus is raised from the dead
The bones and the corpses are at his command
And rise like their master to swarm o'er the land!
The women are screaming, then running away
Poor Mary and Martha are gnawed where they lay
I fear thee, lord Jesus, your curséd undeath
With worms in your bowels and rot on your breath.
Have mercy, lord Jesus, don't eat me today
Next year I'll be bigger, I promise! I pray
Some shaman or rabbi or priestess or such
Will stake you and save us from your deadly touch.


I know Bible literalists apologists have their explanations, but they are ultimately just band aids over bull sh!t.

Biblical Pitfalls

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