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here is what people don't YET understand

April 13 2012 at 9:24 AM

(Login Harpazo)

Response to A religion true to its nature

religion is the work of the soul and not the body

all this time that man has existed he has worked with his body and mind (the slave to the body) to create a life worth living:

entering spirituality means you realize WHERE TRUE WORK exists and it is at the soul level but what does this mean??

the level of the SOUL WORKS with INTENTION OR WILL and Spirit is nothing more than PURE WILL, hence God is known as GOOD WILL to Man when he is born in us:

without the GOOD WILL in us, all the work we do will just be to HELP the body and the body will never be satisfied with a corrupt MIND (one that caters to it continually)

the MIND has to be transformed to FOLLOW THE GOOD WILL instead..........and here it includes EVERYONE


without the RIGHT intention or "GOOD WILL" born in us, we will always think we should have MORE "STUFF"

and we will even give a little bit of it (some food to feed the poor) so we can have even MORE STUFF

the love of money riches is the ROOT of all evil........all desire

all transformation begins AT HOME, with my own heart that needs the GOOD WILL RULING within me

a will that wants EVERYTHING I want for EVERY BODY

not some hand outs.............but everything

meaning the WHOLE EARTH and all creation.............alllllllllllllll creation

this happens at the LEVEL OF WILL (intention) and spiritually this is the WORK of every GENERATION from here on out

LIFE is pushing us this way and if we resist, we do so to our own SUFFERING and it will get pretty bad if we don't get with this program:

I have met the is I.......until I becomes "WE"........who then becomes a BRAND NEW INCLUSIVE "I"

this is true love the GOOD WILL (Intention/LOVE) with all our heart soul and strength

and mind

which is LOVING others as ourselves:

find fault with it........go ahead

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