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Re: I've tried Hiren's

April 19 2012 at 2:42 AM
Tim  (no login)

Response to I've tried Hiren's

COPY an existing operating system and then "paste" it onto another drive and ... boot it up and use it as a completely "new" independent operating system.

Ya, but does it remove viruses?

I use Norton Ghost on my system.
And I have 3 separate OS's on my #1 HDD.
And a boot menu pops up for 3 seconds when booting, US BOOT.
And it configures the partitions to whatever you program it to do, hidden or system and so on.

My systems cooler then your wink.gif LOL

3 gigs ram.
Win XP Pro. (Main C:)
Win 7. (Just for??)
Win XP Pro Hot. (For backups and utilities)

3 HDD's.
100 gb.
2 tb SATA.

But my CPU is only a P4 @ 2.8 ghz.

Main board has PCI-E slot and 2 SATA and other PCI slots.
And I have a DVR tuner card that captures in DVD quality.
PCI-E Nvidia with 500 mb on board.

And a super cool Gateway case with quick releases for the HDD's, and CDR DVDR, although I did have to modify the case for the motherboard and power supply.
But a Dremel works good for that with a metal cutting blade.

But anyway, if I get a BAD virus I can replace the system in 15 minutes, because I keep my main OS on C: partition #1, and the other programs on other HDD's. So I only Ghost about 10 gb. And I keep my main OS on FAT32 so I don't have to deal with NTFS if problems arise.

My first PC was 10 mhz in Turbo Mode, 20 mg HDD, 640k RAM. And I washed the motherboard in the kitchen sink wink.gif and it worked fine afterward.

Then I bought a 40 mhz for $1,500 at Sams Club.
I bought a CD player for it for $149 at Egg Soft. And that baby would hold about 400 mg of RAM!!!! Then I upgraded it to a 80 mhz CPU and a new motherboard.

Then I got into doing PC repair.


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