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Well I ... ah

April 19 2012 at 7:45 AM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)

Response to Re: I've tried Hiren's

Don't like to get into the comparison game ... to be honest with you. My computer has quite high specs but that's because it's almost brand new. I've got 16 gb of RAM and 3.2 ghz X 4 cores ... but all of that doesn't mean much unless it all works the way it's SUPPOSED to ... LOL. Right now I have my memory usage cut back to 7 gb because if I go higher, it causes problems with running a virtual machine (XP) inside of W7.

I used Ghost ... once upon a time but have been using Acronis 8 for a lot of years now. It definitely knocks the socks off of Ghost and it's about the best Acronis version ever put out, in my opinion. (Doesn't work in W7 though). No rebooting needed to finish an image job ... like Ghost always required. I can knock off a 20gb operating system/programs into an image in about 7 minutes and restore it in the same amount of time.

You were "asking" if an alternate system can "fix a virus". Well that's a pretty ambiguous question, isn't it?

The point is ... if you work on a dead system, the "virus" can't fight you.

And ...

If the "virus" is a rootkit (which actually CONTROLS the operating system at the lowest level) ... you won't be able to find it in the infected system while running that system ... because it forces the system NOT to reveal itself.

If you boot into an alternate, uninfected OS and look at the dead drive, it will reveal the rootkit files. You can even use remote registry to examine registry contents on the infected drive and remove the rootkit's ability to operate.

Keeping the OS on FAT32 is okay in a way. I did that for quite awhile but as the OS kept growing with updates and service packs and newer more bloated programs ... I finally capitulated and changed to NTFS. You can't 'swing' more than 4 gb at a time on FAT32 and it's really easy to accidentally copy more than 4 gb when moving stuff around ... and then you corrupt the files you copied and pasted. That's the main reason why I finally switched over to NTFS on all my OS partitions.

My new machine has a really neat arrangement for inserting hard drives. They go in sideways at the front end from the motherboard side. No screws; all slide 'n click, with rail adapters that fit to the hard drives. I love it. No more fighting with those immense IDE ribbon cables getting into the way of everything. All is SATA inside.


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