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Extraordinary claims do require extraordinary proof.

April 25 2012 at 7:26 PM
Arthur Dent  (no login)

Response to Re: You affirmed it


If it comes to a claim of Abraham Lincoln existing, or the second world war happening, you are free to ignore the evidence, you dont have your own account to satisfy yourself that it did happen, but to ignore the evidence of people who were there and the photos, you are going beyond pedantic to deny the existance of a mere man, or a changed world.

But when you are coping with things where amazing claims rather than mundane claims being made, then you need to be commensurately more convincing.

Believing in a man who could do magic so that he wont burn you forever is a silly claim backed up by a false book.

Could a book be wrong? Of course, most of them are.

Amazing claims, dodgy evidence, coercing you to believe with faith rather than knowing with evidence. Why? Because it cant be proved of course.

Leonardo Deviancy? I like that error Tim, he was queer so they say.

When there are much more believable claims available, it further weakens the legitimacy of faith being the evidence of the .... non existant.

Kate was bringing my name up, I didnt really need to go much further as I felt the case was made, JEsus did not say he was god, although some people pulled her method of trying to step by step build a case of interpreting the bible by saying this word was replacable by that word so that Jesus was the word and the word was god so therefore what the bible was saying was that ........ etc

Yes, people can make the bible or any book for that matter say whatever they like.

Why did the bible use euphemisms when the result is so predictable, misunderstandings.

As the bible clearly says....

very little.

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