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Exactly right

April 28 2012 at 12:15 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)

Response to "Who IS" the Word...?

... and even though I'm no longer a "Christian" ... I'm so impressed by that concept of "logos" and how far-reaching the implications of that concept goes ... in TODAY'S world ... if only Bible thumpers/believers could grasp it.

People are like herds of sheep ... mindlessly sticking together for some kind of mutual "protection". This herd paradigm is quite powerful but essentially mindless and "dangerous" if the control of the herd falls into evil hands.

What I see being expressed in the New Testament -whether true or embellished or polished in later updated versions- is that it might be possible for individual sheep in the herd to start recognizing how the greater whole is or was constructed through the logos and to develop their learning on how they too ... are a part of that logos and quite capable of being creators in their own right.

If a herd of sheep consisted of individual THINKERS, why then ... there would be NO STOPPING that herd from accomplishing enormous feats .... and creating their own utopia without needing to fight or compete with other herds and predators.

But logos requires voluntary consideration, respect, CO-OPERATION ... and a "love" for one another that arises out of those exercises.

The logos way is non-competitive because all things are shared without egotistical preoccupation for becoming "important" and recognized above others in the group. Everyone is too busy "exploring" with the group to be concerned about personal ambition.

Now, you compare that with the Communist model and it "seems" that Communist ideology is kind of similar: all things in common for the common good of all.

The difference though is that one paradigm is VOLUNTARY because of personal enlightenment ... and the other is imposed by brute force.

Any time you have to impose force to get your philosophy established ... you're right back to the original sin of man ... and usually you become MUCH worse than the very problem you're trying to fix.

Logos is THOUGHT. Unless people learn to explore what is and drop their egotistical concerns ... they will remain as dumb sheep being led to slaughter.


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