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You have just got to be kidding Tim, your god has less power than stephen Hawkings

May 4 2012 at 7:42 AM
Arthur dent  (no login)

Response to imagine Art


Imagine someone on life support, brain dead, paralysed, comotose

even that person has more physical ability to change the world than your god, but I concede that merely by your belief in it, you can make things happen in its name.

But that is the only way that your god could possibly affect anything in this world, by inspiring others to make things happen.

I'm quite keen to keep its evil power down by pointing out its lack of existance, point out the bizarre power that the Thors, Ramas, Ra and Odins have on people.

Allah, had power to destroy the world trade towers, but it was always willing but poisoned minds that were the hands that had to fly the planes.

Your almighty has never done anything, its just been mundane man slaughter brothers and sisters and thanking "god" for the chance to do so, so that they can live beyond their years in an empty promise that cant, has never been, and never will be honoured.

The gods have been responsible for most of mankinds inhumanity.

Your god is nothing, obviously, the power of your imagination keeps him alive, if the last christian were to forget their evil little lord, your god would never be heard of again. Just another feared phantasm, no longer thought of. tens of thousands of them have reigned and faded to a joke over mans existance.

There is more power in an ant, and deep down you know that nothing can get your god to do anything, he's a figment to the end of time, who never will arrive, never not till man has killed himself trying to bring the god to life by hoping for the end of the world, and trying to bring an end, by war, earth abuse and killing.

What the worlds "greatest nation" does as it lies to itself is totally obscene, many will be relieved as it destroys itself, if not the world.

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