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okay, so...

May 6 2012 at 12:25 AM

Kate  (Login kateothelamp)

Response to worship or obeisance, the Magi and other items of misunderstanding...

A priest and a Baptist minister go golfing on their favorite course every Wednesday, and one week they invite their friend, a rabbi, along. They get to the 13th hole, where there's a water trap; sure enough, the priest hits his ball into the water. The rabbi is just about to say, oh, bad luck there, when without missing a beat, the priest walks out on the water and retrieves the ball. He walks back to shore and is ready to play on. The Baptist minister doesn't seem fazed, but the rabbi's jaw drops in shock. Next the minister takes a swing, and he too, hits the ball out in the water trap. He shrugs his shoulders and walks out on the water, retrieves his ball, and comes back to shore.

The rabbi rubs his eyes in disbelief, but thinks to himself, "Well, I remember hearing something about these Christians and the Jesus-walking-on-water-thing." So he swings, and sure enough, his ball goes out in the water, too. He looks at his Catholic and Baptist friends and says, "Well, if you Christians can do this, then so can I." He strides purposefully out to walk on the water, and promptly sinks over his head into the deep pond.

The priest turns to the minister and says, " you suppose we should have told him where the rocks are that we've been walking on?"


So...Jesus was walking on a pier. And he knew about the pier, but his followers, including Peter, did not. So Peter said, "Lord, if its you, tell me to come to you on the water." And Jesus told Peter to come out on the water...but neglected to mention the pier. Peter started to walk on the water, but when he got scared by the wind and waves, that's when he started to sink. And Jesus admonished him -- gently -- for losing faith. Then they came back into the boat and everyone said to Jesus, "You are the Son of God! In precisely the same manner as David and Solomon, of course..." and worshipped him. Or did obeisance to him.

And Jesus just let them all worship him...and didn't mention that he was standing on a pier, and wasn't that a great joke he played on Peter. Or maybe they were paying homage to him because of the great joke he played on Peter?

Hmm. Well, I guess that's one way of looking at it. =)

Or maybe, Jesus was walking on cornstarch? Or sediment churned up by an earthquake? Or he invented sandals that worked like insect feet?

I dunno. But the story, as recorded -- Peter walking out to join him, losing courage and starting to sink, and then all of the men in the boat declaring he was the Son of God and worshipping him...makes more sense to me that he was...just walking on the water. Don't think it would be any harder than curing someone of leprosy, or restoring sight to a person who had been blind since birth.

But you know...I'm still on pablum. I'm sure I'll figure all this stuff out when I'm grown up. =)

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