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How to STOP animal cruelty.... Be a vegetarian?

May 22 2012 at 1:04 AM
Tim  (no login)

Kill it before you eat it!

4 But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.

Be a vegetarian?
"Plants are aware," says Dr. Williams, "and they feel pain!"

Dr. Williams, and his team were doing experiments on talking to plants. He had set out to prove that this helped them only because it blows carbon dioxide over their leaves. He had one team speak lovingly to the plants, and another threaten and verbally abuse them. To the surprise of all involved, the plants that were lovingly spoken to thrived, producing large, lovely flowers. Their growth rates were off the charts! The plants that were verbally abused and threatened never bloomed. Some even withered and died.

His team then connected EEG electrodes to several plants, and measured their responses to various stimuli. "They definitely felt it when we pricked them with needles. One of my staff even burned one with a lighter. Not only did its EEG go off the charts, but so did every plant in the same room!"

So we kill the cow before we eat the meat right? That's the humane thing to do.
That's what the Bible says to do. (Genesis 9:4)

So what about the vegetarian?..
The silent screams of the vegetables go unheard while they are barbarically dismembered and slowly torn to shreds while still alive by human teeth and kitchen knives! And even thrown in a frying pan with hot oil screaming for mercy! sad.gif

That's like carving a steak out of a live and conscience cow!
Or like barbequing chicken legs with the rest of the chicken hanging outside the grill screaming its head off from the PAIN!!!!

Would you want cannibals to take chunks out of your leg muscle for dinner and keep you alive for meals for the next two weeks to keep you fresh? NO, you would want them to first kill you.

Now you tell me, who are the cruel barbarians of the world?

Problem solving....
#1 If 7 billion people on earth were vegetarians, would we have to kill all the animals who eat our food, so we would have enough food?... Would not the world become over ran with animals eating our vegetation? Yes.

#2 If the vegetation of the world can not sustain 7 billion humans and the animals and is all eaten up, who survives? No one.

Do you eat things that are alive or things that were alive?

In Japan a new craze to cook a fish is to wrap the fishes head in a cold wet towel and cook the rest of its body, so when the people eat it its still alive and gasping for oxygen with its gills.

Don't turn to a diet of rocks and sand because of this information.
But don't refuse meat to eat ether. And remember, EVERYTHING your eat was alive, and for the vegetarian is alive with silent screams of being dismembered with dull human teeth.

And your thoughts?

Bro Tim

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