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don't mind at all, Art =)

June 2 2012 at 1:48 AM

Kate  (Login kateothelamp)

Response to Just rudely butting in Kate but

It's because the board topic specifies that is for political discussion. There are at least two atheists that post there, a couple of people that have identified as agnostics, I know there is one other guy who hasn't said, but from some of the things he has posted, I believe he is from a liberal denomination like me (United Methodist). And one other regular poster who mentioned something about being Methodist but she attends church with her husband who is Baptist (and there are some BIG doctrinal differences there, believe me LOL).

Religion typically doesn't get brought up, unless somehow it intersects with politics and current events. It's sometimes hard to not discuss religious beliefs at all when discussing politics, because at least some of our political views are affected by our religious beliefs and moral convictions. I strongly believe in social justice, aid to the poor, fairness to the working people, prison reform, the rights of women, minorities, and gays, that the wealthy should pay their fair share in taxes for the good of all, and shouldn't be able to avoid doing so through loophole laws and regulations, etc. All of those beliefs are rooted very deeply in my faith.

My workplace is very diverse, and I work with people of a lot of different faiths and cultures. Typically, conversations about religion and politics are avoided in the workplace to avoid stepping on anyone's toes, although some people might discuss things discreetly with co-workers they know are like-minded (so no one will take offense). But it's really best to avoid even that. One co-worker overheard me mention something about going to church to a friend, and took that as an invitation to start discussing religion with me -- and as an ultra-conservative Christian man, lecturing me about a woman's proper place, and submission to my husband, and....well, you can imagine, that didn't go over real well with me. LOL And unfortunately, I had to sit next to this guy, and it took several days of changing the subject and ignoring him before he figured out that I wasn't really interested in his opinions about a Christian woman's place and role. I could have complained to my supervisor, but didn't want the conflict and didn't really want to get the guy into trouble, so I just waited until he finally got the message. =) For some people their faith is evident in what they wear, like a Sikh co-worker wearing a turban, or my Wiccan friend who wears a pentacle necklace. I know I have Muslim co-workers, so I assume there is a place for them to pray at work, if they are observant of that, but they aren't rolling out prayer rugs in the middle of the office. There are no women wearing burqas, and no one would be allowed to cover their faces (I work for a local governmental agency, and we have to have security badges with our picture id's on them), but there are some women who cover their hair.

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