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Thank you Roy, for being so open

June 5 2012 at 12:34 AM
Tim  (no login)

Response to who I have become in my life?


I grew up with someone with speech impairment. So I understand what you've been threw friend. He couldn't pronounce the T's in words. His name was Curtis, but he called himself Curis.

But I had my own problems with dyslexia, I couldn't spell Tim until I was in 7th grade. I always wrote MIT. wink.gif

So I was always in SLBP classes each day. (Special Learning and Behavioral Problems).. They lumped us all together.

I've had two wives and never any kids and I'm 49 years old.
And I feel as though I missed out on having kids, and I also feel a lack of love, and I feel like God might be angry at me or disappointed in me.

I've done things in the past I'm ashamed of, mainly theft and cheating on my girlfriend in High School. But we are still friends on Facebook. wink.gif
She was also in the SLBP classes in School.

I grew up as a rebel, hanging around downtown till all hours of the night with the other misfits at 14 years old, causing some trouble hear and there.
The police and my parents threatened to have me put into a boys home if I didn't shape up.

One of my fondest naughty boy memories is hot wiring golf carts and riding them around all night in the moon light with a friend. But one night when we went to bring them back to the golf club there was about 5 cop cars in the parking lot and men standing around at about 3am but we split out of there on the golf carts and never got caught. And walked home. No harm done, I guess.

But all in all, I'm glad its today and not 35 years ago. I've learned a lot and repented and changed my ways. But I still don't feel worthy of salvation, but only by the promise of having Faith in Jesus the Son of God.

Bro Tim

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