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June 18 2012 at 1:48 PM

yvonne  (Login Harpazo)

Response to Hard to answer

lots of creative ideas floating around here lol

well, it is written that God made us to live till we tasted of the fruit of evil and good (ego) and then he kept the way of the tree of life so we would not continue in the ego indefinately:

overcoming ego is overcoming hell and death which are an ILLUSION...........that is unfortunately very real to ego:

this is why we have to rise above it to see that there is no death or hell.........

just 'thinking' that there is no hell and death is unfortunatly not that convincing

THOUGHT is not as POWERFUL as "FEELING" and thats why we need a NEW HEART (desire) to THINK on the TRUTH as it really is

this is why ALL RELIGIONS and science are telling us the same thing now

we have to overcome our ego or we will die with it.........

as a MAN thinks in his is he

if we FEEL like we will die, we will........... feelings trump thought and DESIRE for life helps us find the WAY TO LIFE........a narrow escape but it is real if we find it

now, if we die in the ego, we will NOT know ourselves after death even if our spirit returns to God who gave it

God will make someon else with that spirit and the earth..........

only someone who MAINTAINS their identity at death survives with it .........

the question you want to be who you are after you die

I wouldn't have said yes before my conversion and transformation

but a new heart and a new mind makes me understand MY UNITY with all LIFE..........instead of just 'me'

it is the UNITY with LIFE that helps me know I am more than the sum of my part.......and yet I am also the ONE who sees this UNITY as WHOLLY holy:0

thats the goal of balance us out to be ONE with he WHOLE.........and keep recycling us till we get the season show.......

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