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July 26 2012 at 11:07 AM

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Response to Totally agree

ATHEISTS deny Jesus Christ........the mediator between God and MAN

mankind is not YET MAN........and only through the mediator is there MAN

mankind is animal with a higher intelligence, called DUST in Genisis

God took the dust (mankind) and FORMED ADAM (MAN)

Adam is not a person but the dust with the breath of God in Adam (MAN) could know the creator that made him

mankind (dust-animals) don't know their creator even if they do EVERYTHING that the creator wants them to do...........meaning the creation is completely beholden to the creator

only MAN is made to CHOOSE to obey or not

that means MAN has to become CONSCIOUS of his origin, of what made him

to know him and choose him

man therefore is the NEXT level of evilution that we are on now

the MEDIATOR between the Dust becoming MAN and God is Jesus Christ.........the MAN in Gods image and likeness that God uses TO BUILD MAN with

and MAN is just another word for "HEART" in the Bible

God is making A HEART out of the dust (mankind)

ps, there is no unconditional love in mankind/dust

only MAN will have unconditional LOVE since MAN is the image and likeness of God

while mankind/dust is the image of the earth..........(still/dust, vegetative/trees, plants etc) and animals):

MAN is the image of the creator of all the above with the ADDITION of the ability to "KNOW" as he is known, hence the WORD.......meaning Man knows the MIND Of GOD, his WORD

the four phases of FORMING MAN out of the creation (dust)

I have discovered that a dog is more like God than mankind(dust) ......heck I see cows and farm animals (sheep,lambs, chickens) more like God than mankind because they do nothing but give...........their lives for mankind to eat/ (telling themselves they need this to live):

but mankind is severed from the animate by a phase that actually makes him the most evil force there the animate world: only mankind uses everything from the earth without ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of any giver

not God or the billions of animals he slaughters every year or the earth that he rapes

talks about a rapist..........there is a discussion for rapist if you want to get into it

so mankind rapes the earth and its animals and other mankind as well by taking what is NOT his and stock piling it even more .....not only to have

but to make sure others have not

God the LIGHT that is the LIFE of this egoistic tendancy that had to be GIVEN to the animate level to FORM the TRUE MAN or "heart" will be destroyed as the LIGHT FORMS the true MAN or heart as he is getting ready to do WORLD WIDE

all over the earth

only MAN will be the meek that inherit it.......the dust (mankind that does not want to know the heart or the creator of the earth) will be put under the foot of Man:

the serpents meat will be dust all the days of his life.............

if the serpent is NOT LIFTED UP (meaning if mankinds will, his INTENTION is not lifted up) he will never have unconditional love and then he will remain in a world that can only get worse and worse............even after a nuclear war this kind may survive but will it then LEARN LOVE?

the ego is the "box" put over the consciousness to make it appear that we are individuals so that we could DEVELOP our culture and religions and myths and traditions and all the things that make life interesting, different, tastes and colors and textures of life that one can be part of to share in celebrations etc etc etc.......

without the truth BEHIND these traditions mankind becomes more and more evil through the ego which is the PURE WILL to receive .....meaning evil only.........not good at all in the sense of receiving to give..

but as the heart is developed and the evil (desire to receive) is transformed into the desire to GIVE, to love, MAN comes on the then is MAN according to the Bible............the desire to receive from above, from the light, in order to GIVE TO THE DUST...........sand and fire make GLASS (see through crystal clear) hence all that is hidden (in mans subconscious that is hidden from even himself) will be revealed

this is the sea of glass that makes the heart transparant through the fire of the LIGHT entering the purify it.......hence the pure in heart shall see God:

the sea is the subconscious that must become COMPLETELY CONSCIOUS to be called MAN

and no man who is completely conscious of his innermost self, would ever want to hurt another or any LIVING THING since he knows.......he knows.......he is CONNECTED TO ALL OF IT......

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