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  • Nucc
    • Struver (no login)
      Posted Mar 5, 2010 9:17 AM

      I have posted the following so many times that I didn't intend to post it again. But, since we're back on the subject, well, here we go again.

      Before getting into my response, let's establish that the scriptures of all world religions, while worded differently, say the same thing. Yes, the Bible too! Among other things, they all teach what Philippians 2:5-6, also Genesis 3:22, teaches. What teaching? That which says humanity's immediate goal is to acquire Christ mind. Mind is subjective, not objective. All world scriptures deal with mind and its evolution from embryo to that quality called Christ in the Occident Since the Bible is a collection of Scriptures from B.C. religions, the Bible also deals with mind and its evolution.

      The Christ said, repeating, that if he (Christ mind) be lifted-up (implemented) he will draw all men him, to tht quality mind called Christ (in the Occident). All thinking that causes separation, resentment, even hatred, is anti-Christ.

      Put as succinctly as I know how...

      Christ mind, limited to humanity, is that mind quality which eliminates all barriers to goodwill, brotherhood.

      Human mind, still under the influence of its tribe stage of evolution, separates, divides, creates tribes (nations); the "our God, religion, nation, against their's mentality.

      Christ mind eliminates all barriers to humanity's intended function as becoming a magnetic center that "draws together" the higher and lower trinities within humanity. Ageless Wisdom Philosophy teaches this becoming a magnetic center is our purpose; not is to go to a fatuous heave and stare at God for eternity. That is indicative of the separative, selfish attitude of, "I made it, let's see if you can."

      I don't expect you to agree, but the purpose of humanity's "letting that mind which is in Christ-Jesus be also in us" is so that humanity can become a center of attractive consciousness which will do what the symbolic woman in Matthew 13:33 is doing. That is, to become a center of attractive consciousness that "draws" the higher and lower Trinities to become ONE IN CHRIST (Christ mind).You see Nucc, we, the human race, are the Word made flesh

      I don't believe there is a Satan, but if there were, old Sate could have ho greater ally than Fundamentalist religion, Christian or Islam.

      Nothing can do the opposite of drawing men together any more than to tell them their God, religion and prophet are Satanic...false. Be honest, doesn't my adverse critiques of religion piss you off? Sure it does. Probably makes you want to punch me out. Well, this "pissed off" response is precisely what you create by telling non-Christians that if they don't renounce their Satanic God, religion, Prophet and accept Jesus as their personal savior, they are doomed to burn in Hell.

      But the above is the effect. What is the cause? For some unfathomable reason, Orthodox Christianity has managed to convince itself it is superior, special in God's eyes; that this invisible God found them so special that He gave truth to Christianity, and Christianity alone. From the pinnacle of their self created pedestal they make the assumption they have been commissioned by this invisible God to condescendingly bring God's truth to the world, saving the world from an invisible Satan. How glamourous!!

      There is nothing at this time in history which is serving as a greater impediment to "Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men" than this belief system of Fundamentalist religion. IT HAS TO BE BROKEN-UP!! Fundamentalist religion is not the solution. IT IS THE PROBLEM!! I like to quote former president Eisenhower who said, "If governments would get out of the way, the people of Earth would get along just fine." He should have included religion.

      There is no better way to burst this bubble of ignorance than the realities revealed by a study of Comparative Religion. You say it has nothing to do with relationship to the Word? You could not be more wrong. We are the Word made flesh. Psalm 82.6 says we are Gods. I know your religion disagrees with this scripture, but we agree because we have a working understanding of what it means..

      To remove the hatred and resentment caused by Fundamentalist religion IS to improve relationship with each other...Gods.

      Humanity is headed towards a one Earth, one humanity collective mindset. No more 'our nation against their nation; our God against their God; our religion against their religion; no more their race and our race...just the human race.

      The evolution of the Word towards achieving its goal is inexorable.We can lead, follow, or resist and get ground under.

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