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Striver's last message here April 24 2011 was about life after death..

May 11 2011 at 12:44 AM
Tim  (no login)

Yes, there is. The body corruptible, just before and during its death experience, undergoes a withdrawal of the life thread which at some point in the process becomes one with the withdrawing consciousness thread. The consciousness thread withdraws the consciousness from every cell of the body and then out of the body via whatever Chakra in which the soul...us...has been polarised.

The best method by far of destroying the body corruptible is cremation, not embalming and burial. Embalming is a terrible thing to do to a person. Yes, embalming a body to be cremated is a law in most states but the instrument of expression is cremated.

Following the death of the instrument, its consciousness, depending upon it's quality, is magnetised to whatever level it attained while in the body. There is no death, unless that is, one identifies with the corruptible body. The body incorruptible...ourselves...simply steps out of its worn out vehicle of expression and ascends to whatever level we have become.


Bro Tim

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Seoc Colla
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Continuous life eternal

May 11 2011, 4:48 AM 

Absolutely striver. We might use different terminology but agree entirely on the conclusion.

The suffering of bereavement will temporarily cloud the picture for those loved ones remaining, but the later realisation that their relative or friend is still totally alive, still constantly around them - should they both wish it - and has up-to-date awareness of all that is happening and can COMMUNICATE with them.

Death is the point of instant change to the next chapter of the same Life, retaining all of memory, abilities, knowledge in an already prepared vehicle. A different, new body already attuned to their earned circumstances.

If it could be realised exactly what this stupendous event really means, the focus would not be on 'death' but on 'how best to live'

I would recommend an classic book 'On the Edge of the Etheric' one of many written by Arthur Fundlay, giving detailed explanation of the technicalities of this very natural process.

Those who prefer myth to fact would probably not enjoy it.

We have been blessed by the presence of striver in our midst, offering his insight into LIFE - there is no death. It will greatly help him to adjust to his new environment if kindly thoughts were directed to him, not forgetting those who mourn him, missing his physical presence. He was spared the major operation of skeletal surgery and the long painful recuperation.

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(no login)

'On the Edge of the Etheric

May 11 2011, 11:58 AM 

This book is online for those interested. It presents some great perspectives and is well written.


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