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Welcome back Myst.

by Galleon (no login)


Reminds me of the time my computer wouldn't run Windows after buying a new CPU, after running some tests I concluded that the CPU couldn't jump to protected mode. When I went to return the CPU I was met with angry looks from the shop people. They turned on my computer for a few seconds and said, "See it works!"
Then I was told I had to reinstall Windows... lol
But after forcing them to try the CPU on one of their computers, they had to refund my money.

And don't get me started about asking companies to recover data from a HDD with problems... that's like getting blood out of a stone. Every single time I get (after they have it for a few days) "Sorry, but you'll just have to reformat the drive or pay someone to take out the platters for (a large sum of money)". Yet every time, after a week or so of persevering I seem to find a back door into DOS and extract my files that way.

"The last one came from a different place and wasn't there to save the company money like the other two were."-Myst
I'm sure we can all drink to those sentiments.

PS. Now, about Think Box...

Posted on Sep 21, 2008, 1:15 PM

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About thinkbox indeed.MystikShadows on Sep 21

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