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I haven't followed FB development in probably two years...

by Pete (Login The-Universe)


I like what the smart people at Power Basic did when it came to development; they split it into different compilers years ago. They made a DOS, Console, and a Windows compiler. I haven't looked in on that project since shortly after Vista arrived.

My guess would be that FB has gone game happy. Not much there for a SCREEN ZERO hero like me. My guess is also it is closer in code to a mix of languages now than BASIC, but connects to the resources that game developers need.

I'm glad I realized after a few years that FB was not at all what I wanted. U didn’t want to learn a new language, and that's exactly what I would have had to do to stick with FB. I would have spent tons of hours rewriting my code, and kicked myself for not just spending the time to learn C/C++ instead. What irony, someone who doesn't want to learn a new language but ends up doing so because the product as promised fails to deliver the necessary compatibility to avoid that process and just run your existing programs with little or no changes.

I love that QB64 doesn't require learning a new language or parts of another language, (i.e. dealing with code changes.) I should probably add "so far" but if the few remaining dozen or so statements and interrupts get implemented as all the previous work has, most all QB programs should work unaltered. My complaint is that I feel I got into it with the project being the completion of the compiler, and find I'm being strung along with a lot of other stuff I don't need or want that has taken priority over the initial goal of the project. I knew Galleon would use the word parallel development in what I call his new mission statement, but that just means to me the compiler will wait until everything else is completed. That will take too many years to accomplish, and that kind of project interrupt is really SADD.


Posted on Nov 19, 2009, 8:47 AM

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