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Re: I haven't followed FB development in probably two years...

by Laanan Fisher (no login)

> My guess would be that FB has gone game happy. Not much there for a SCREEN ZERO hero like me.

I'm not sure what incompatibilities you are referring to here. Remember, `PCOPY src, dst` and `SCREEN, apage, vpage` for SCREEN 0 was implemented for DOS/Windows some time ago. I believe that was the biggest feature request of [the couple of] QB users then. In fact, it seems to me that QB64 is the one that has gone game happy, implementing additional keywords for audio, for example. QB64 also adds APIs for mouse functionality, like FreeBASIC. Both of these situations are fine, I think.

> My guess is also it is closer in code to a mix of languages now than BASIC, but connects to the resources that game developers need.

It does offer a mix of programming paradigms (procedural, OOP) but it is still BASIC. All QB had was a simple graphics library; most people I knew that did any serious development in it chose to use an external library (like DirectQB or FutureLib45) for speed anyway. FreeBASIC offers the same assembler-accelerated software-rendered graphics lib -- with several different blitting options -- and it also lets you use external libraries, just like QB. The common theme has always seemed to be that QB = BASIC. Why is this the case ? What about the language (*not* the IDE, mind you) makes it the end-all and be-all of BASIC ? Just like QB improved on some things from GW-BASIC, who says that QB cannot be improved upon ? QB64 seems to think that QB is not the perfect BASIC language, otherwise there would be zero additional functionality at all. It's fine to have an attachment to QB (or anything), but sometimes that attachment can reach unhealthy levels.

> I would have spent tons of hours rewriting my code, and kicked myself for not just spending the time to learn C/C++ instead.

The only irony here is that this is exactly what is being recommended to newcomers of QB64 (on this very board) because of bugs/unimplemented features.

> What irony, someone who doesn't want to learn a new language but ends up doing so because the product as promised fails to deliver the necessary compatibility to avoid that process and just run your existing programs with little or no changes.

The product delivers near 100% QB-syntax compatible code, as it said it would from the very beginning. It never promised to be 100% code-compatible. I'd assume v1ctor had zero intention of ever trying to be compatible with 16-bit code, and I don't blame him. We live on 32-bit and 64-bit processors now.

That said, just like QB64, all of the new features like additional datatypes, new APIs, etc. are not forced upon the user. You can still code in the limited window of QB functionality if you want to; just because the majority of users have chosen to embrace the new features -- thus, most of the code you see are using them, and I can guarantee the same will be the case with QB64 -- isn't a knock on it's QB-syntax compatibility.

Posted on Nov 19, 2009, 9:46 AM

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